Dedication to Excellence

Taylor Smyth Architects is a full service Canadian practice dedicated to the creation of enduring buildings of exceptional quality. 

Since our inception in 2000, Taylor Smyth Architects has developed an international reputation for creating elegant architecture and interiors within Canada and abroad. Each project is cultivated from the spirit of its location, the unique tastes and aspirations of our clients, and a focus on authentic material expression.

We develop trusting, long-term relationships with clients, suppliers, contractors, and colleagues by listening carefully, providing unparalleled service, and through our exceptional attention to detail. We combine our project experience and technical rigor with a profound interest in the way people live, work, and play, to create innovative buildings that both nurture and delight.

We are inspired by fundamental criteria to which we believe all people respond: light, texture and colour, natural materials and proportions, a sense of openness and of sheltered enclosure, access to views and a connection to the outdoors. Combining these sensitivities with quality materials and fine craftsmanship, we aspire to create refined private residences, high quality public buildings and exceptional redevelopment projects.

Our award-winning firm has expertise in a broad range of project types including residential and interior design, educational, recreational and workplace facilities, retail environments, and master planning. The diversity of our multicultural, multilingual staff, including registered architects, intern architects, and graphic designers, reinforces the core values of our practice. Our work has received wide recognition through numerous local, national and international publications and awards.

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