TORP Showroom

With the use of white walls and blonde wood furniture, coupled with dark coloured carpeting, this 7,000 square foot lawyer’s office evokes a sense of calm for clients as soon as they walk through the front door.

The office space presented an opportunity to showcase the client’s extensive art collection in a gallery-like setting with a composition of sliding wall planes. At reception, the existing concrete floor was exposed, ground smooth and tinted in order to enhance it. The floor itself is treated like an art installation by celebrating the found conditions that include embedded electrical cover plates and variations in colour. The client refers to them as “urban fossils.”

Custom light fixtures in the boardroom and meeting rooms are fabricated of translucent acrylic planes that are softly deformed to create focal elements and warm lighting effects.


Torp Inc.




3,000 sq. ft.


Completed, 2013


Naomi Finlay

Awards & Certifications

2012 Illumination Awards